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  • I liked this one. And especially your tweaks to it.
  • Still quicker than I anticipated, it turns back to me a paws aside my blow. I spin with the momentum and prepare to dodge or deflect it's next attack.
  • While the beasts head is turned, I attempt a devastating blow. Attack (Level bonus+3, str+2, magic sword+1, opp AC +6) #DiceRoller( 1d20+12 )
  • It worked! My jump the right and drew her well into striking range. And my immediate reverse of direction caught her off guard!
  • Damage Str+2, magic+1 #DiceRoller( 1d8+3 )
  • I leap back, avoiding the swipe, Hou-qong help me! those claws! Let's try using the confines to my advantage. I spring to the left, against a beam, then use the beam as a spring board to launch an attack. I am trying to turn the tiger so that Ba …
  • Of course! This beast is much quicker than I anticipated. My thrust meets blank space and she's moved to change the angle on me. Is the confined space of the hut in my favor? Not sure, but I'm keeping my eye on the door in case a hasty retreat is ca…
  • Quick, think! Flat-footed. Much larger opponent, enclosed space. I collapse into the tortoise-stance with my sword in front of me. Then I quickly slide my left foot back and lunge of the beast. Attack Level bonus+3, str+2, magic sword+1, opp AC +6…
  • I cautiously draw the curtain aside with the tip of my sword. And enter.
  • I move forward slowly and take a closer look at the small shrine (as best I can without letting down my guard). Is there anything about it that seems to indicate a connection with a cat-like beast? "Milady? I need to speak with you."
  • "Ba? It looks like the path only goes one way." Unless he objects, I will approach the front doorway of the hut, sword drawn.
  • I follow the instructions and chant the prayer. I can't really be sure my sword has been blessed by Hou-qong, but I can't do much more. "Let's take a closer look at this hut." I'd like to make a circuit around it. Are they other paths? Any other d…
  • I gesture to Ba Jioa to fall back a little. I go back until we are out of view of the hut, then I take out the scroll and begin the process to imbue my sword with Hou-qong's martial spirit.
  • I inspect the baskets and then look over the bakemono. Does this copse seem like a rendezvous or even a camp they regularly visited? What were they doing here, I wonder? "Unless something strikes you as immediately useful," I gesture to the baskets…
  • To be clear, I was going to attack first to get their attention.
  • I go to one knee and gently stake several arrows in front of me. I find my chi center and fire. With a single sweeping motion, I launch 3 more arrows, almost before the first one strikes. Each arrow finds it's mark. A throat, a chest, a head, and …
  • Attack (Bonus +3, Str+2) #DiceRoller( 1d20+11) Dmg #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 ) Fray #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
  • (I want to move in close enough that they can't get to me in one round.) Then I will fire arrows until they see me.
  • "Why don't you skirt around to the other side of the trees. I'll fire a few arrows then charge them. It should be obvious when I do. Then you come at them from behind. Sound like a plan?" [If there are more than 8, I'd like to take a bit longer to …
  • (How many are there?) I crouch and whisper to Ba Jiao, "I don't want these creatures on our flank. What say we do the villagers a favor?"
  • Can we use scrolls? If not we should see about trading them for something we can use. It's been so long since I've played this kind of RPG I keep forgetting abuot our treasure (scrolls, potions)
  • "Ba Jiao. Do you have any idea what this is?" I hold up the ceramic flask. "Do you want any of these?" I point to the yari and siangham.
  • "Ho! What's this! A gift indeed!" The scroll is has a small illustration. It is actually more of an invocation, perhaps. It depicts Huo-qong (called Hakkonshi in the Shogunate). She is holding the paraphernalia of a part of her legend: a mirror, a…
  • Are you kidding me?! I swear I have not read this adventure. Or...uh oh, maybe it's a GM misdirect!
  • I bow to Oroshutaki. And depart without further words. After Ba Jiao reminds me of the beggar's riddle, I say. "A tree perhaps? With two boulders?" Is the beast's trail still evident? Lacking any other specific direction, we keep following it. If …
  • I look to Ba Jiao with a raised eyebrow. I only speak a pigdin of the shogunate tongue and have no idea what that word means. "Oroshutaki-san, Nakano-san, can you offer us any boon to help defeat this beast?"
  • Awww Sweet! Riddle Battle!
  • I bow to Oroshutaki. "Thank you Oroshutaki-sama." I turn to watch Ba Jiao against Nakanko.
  • Aha! His blade is pushed wide by my small shield and I jab lunge into his attack to deliver s quick jab to his torso.
  • I use the Scorpion technique With my claw (buckler) I deflect a sweep and jab in quickly with my tail (sword). Attack (Bonus +3, Str+2) #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 ) dmg #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )