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Chris Peterson


Chris Peterson
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  • Posted By: George ShannonSorry to hear it, Chris. But I'm not sure what bookkeeping you meant. Just about relationships and whatnot? Just the amount of time it takes (me) to read and keep up with all the PCs and NPCs (compared to playing a game ar…
  • Unfortunately, I too have become very busy with Work and Life. I don't think I'll have the time to continue. sorry.. I think the story is going well, but I didn't realize how much bookkeeping a PbP game required! George: good luck with your PhD w…
  • George: since I've used my Key of the Lost Child, I'm thinking about "buying it off". The price is: Join another tribe. That might dovetail nicely with Lassul's comments about marrying into a Khalean girl's tribe, but do you think the conceptual lea…
  • Here are my Relationship Map-like notes. I almost posted these earlier, but I didn't want to put any words in other players' characters' mouths.
  • I'm back. Sorry for the delay. This PbP is fun, but a surprising amount of bookkeeping.
  • Yosol:Yosol surveys his fellow gang members. They've all heard the stories about moon-metal, but none of them knows where the secret stores are. "I'd like you guys to watch the river and markets. If anyone, Ammenite or Khalean, is moving moon-metal…
  • this is a test.
  • George: when you post a dice roll for an Ability Check, can you please include the target Success Level? I'm just learning TSoY, so I'm unsure if my character failed or succeeded (or by how much) when I see a dice roll result such as: Does Yosol tel…
  • Since are already taken, maybe you could register or
  • I apologize for my absence. I was out of town for the Labor Day weekend. I will catch up very soon!
  • Yosol:"Pwyll is right. The Green World didn't save his tribe, nor did it save mine. My tribe was lost to the Ammenites when I was too young to learn the ways of the Green World. But I remember the stories of my tribe's elders. Before the moon-metal,…
  • From the IC thread:Yosol and his companions sit around the glowing embers of a fire, speaking of the attack on the Ammenites trying to steal the moon-metal. Pretty much everyone knew the metal was kept hidden around the city, some tribes worked it i…
  • George: I'm a little confused about what discussion goes in this OOC thread and what goes in the IC thread (but not in blockquoted "game text"). I thought you did like using separate IC/OOC threads?
  • I fixed my character's Pool scores: Pools Vigor: 5 Instinct: 4 [3 + 1 Advance] (was incorrectly 5) Reason: 3 = 5 + 4 + 3 = 11
  • Simon, I often get this error message when I first try to post on a thread: Some problems were encountered There was a problem authenticating your post information. If I hit the post button again, it works. Does Vanilla have a post timeout?
  • George: 1. re quotes: sounds good. 2. re languages: what did you have in mind? I wouldn't want anything that keeps some information secret between players (but between characters might be ok). 3. re the title A Whisper-Quiet Blade: I like it!
  • Posted By: George ShannonChris: When you say Vengeance (Ammenites) do you mean all Ammenites or just the rich and militant ones? From Clinton's description, it sounds like there are quite a few wretched ones, but there are few written mechanical di…
  • Thanks, it works great for me (Camino browser on Mac).
  • Do you mind if we use HTML tags to format our IC text? I find reading whole paragraphs of boldfaced text is an eyestrain. And the blockquotes are a nice, soothing blue and might contrast nicely with the B&W OOC text.
  • Yosol:Yosol's tribe was overrun by Ammenites when he was young. Alone, he migrated to Gonne-on-Maire. He lives with a loose gang of other Khalean orphans. They feed on the city's scraps, but cling to the river's edge, the only slice of green nature…
  • Feature Request: "Preview Post" Vanilla add-on: Since we are crafting lengthy game posts, being able to preview (before posting publicly) would be helpful. I know we can post-…
  • PbP newbie question: How do we share our character sheets (and keep them up to date)? Do we keep them in the OOC thread and edit our character sheet post as our character change?
  • Urban assassins sounds good to me. I look forward to seeing your scenario description. I'll start sketching a character, too.
  • What if we did a fantasy pirates one-shot introducing the pirates, combining elements of your two ideas? Maybe the pirate ship is in port. Some characters are pirates on shore leave and/or assassinating a rival pirate or sheriff? Some characters cou…
  • * I would like to play, too. I've never played TSoY, but I own the book and I've read it. I've never played by post, either.