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Lord Minx


Lord Minx
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  • Ok, most of the important stuff is working again, though, as always with Windows, some (a lot!) of housetraining will be necessary. Anyway, sorry for the delay, guys, I'll go back to reading Dogs and working on my character soon.
  • Posted By: oliofLord Minx: Moral of the Story: Don't play with partitions. Play with us!^_^ Good luck on your reinstall. Why not stay with Ubuntu?One Word: Gaming. If I didn't play computer games, I think I could be pretty happy with Ubuntu alone. …
  • Posted By: oliofLordMinx: You still around?Yes, I am, somewhat. While playing with my partitions, I managed to wreck my Vista bootloader or something. My only connection to the world out there is an emergency Ubuntu installation and I spent the last…
  • Argh, had no time to work to think of Dogs this weekend, will post more later. (Just saying that I'm still alive and all...)
  • Posted By: Ajax AldwyneLord Minx, is the anger gone? The "filled with anger" anger? Sorta. The more I think about it, the more I see the character not really being all angry more ... a bit frustrated, unhappy with the situation but trying to stick w…
  • Posted By: oliof Unwilling to be a Dog is problematic, since you're allowed to step out of that role without resentment. Everyone knows it's hard. So, if unwilling – why is he doing it anyway?The idea I've had is that he's doing it for reasons other…
  • Ok, after rereading Dogs (Or starting to.), I really want to play somebody with a complicated past. No idea whether "Complicated History" or "Complicated Community" fits more, but I'm thinking young man filled with anger, and not-totally-willing on …
  • Puh, character ideas... I've been thinking about playing an insecure/new/young dog, but the idea of playing something like "Myself as a Dog" is also tickling my fancy. Or maybe go with ye olde fundamentalist dog? Decisions, decisions... (I …