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  • Hey, I'm here! I had some connection issues, and ended up spacing off about checking back here. Dave Younce's post over on S-G reminded me that I needed to poke my head in over and see if people'd responded. Danny: Go-to-setting is modern day, …
  • So okay, here's what I'm thinking. We'll create characters collaboratively in this thread or another. I'll create a graphical representation of the Hate Web, and post it up somewhere, with a link. Then we'll have a thread for each player character. …
  • I'm looking for ANYTHING, at this point. Ideally, I want a bare minimum of one more player, as I'm not quite ready to play the 1:1 game yet. If we can get at least one more, I'll be ready to kick this off, and see what happens.
  • Simon, You probably know the answers to your questions better than I do. I'm a complete newb when it comes to this format of play. I'll try to answer the best I can, though. How much material would vary, I think, by what's going on. Setting a scen…
  • So, no one huh? What if I offer 5 bucks? (buck buck buck buck buck) First taker can just have this, all to themselves. Or are we collectively in a fluffy bunny mood, and spitey-bitey rats aren't on the agenda? Maybe I need to go pimp it somewher…